Our Mission

To create a fair and vibrant cannabis industry in the City of Los Angeles, we are requesting Mayor Garcetti and the City Council to:

Task Force Guidance RE: MCRSA Compliant Licensing

  • Create a LA Office of Medical Cannabis Regulation, with an Executive Director, to develop and oversee local licensing and permits.
  • Transfer the principal responsibility and enforcement duties regarding regulatory compliance from the City Attorney’s Office and the LAPD to this new agency.
  • Establish a City Commission composed of law enforcement, public health, and stakeholders to resolve disputes and appeals of license revocations/denials.
  • Require public transparency of sales and production by licensed facilities and operators to provide an audit trail for regulators.
  • Develop a merit based local licensing system.

Delivery Service:

  • Licensed business category, separate from any retail storefront operation.
  • Sensible restrictions and operating standards to preserve driver safety and consumer protection.
  • Prior operation of delivery service in the City not an automatic disqualification for licensing.


  • Licenses for infusion of edibles in the same zones as other food processors and manufacturers.
  • Cottage food licenses available for small home operators.
  • Sensitive use restrictions consistent with other similar industries.
  • Merit based licensing, no preferential priority treatment.


  • License opportunities for additional dispensaries including non Pre-ICO dispensaries.
  • Prior operation of dispensary not compliant with Prop D not an automatic license dis-qualifier.
  • Limit growth through organic restrictions such as zoning, sensitive use restrictions, and objective data on consumer demand and usage patterns.


  • Merit based system, no preferential priority treatment.
  • Space and canopy size limits consistent with MMRSA.
  • Common sense zoning and security requirements.
  • Approval by Planning of layout, to ensure safety.


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